opening friday, 27.7.2007 19.00h – till wendsday 1.8.2007 - opening hours daily 15.00-22.00h

icecellar capitol (15m below zero) and icecellar Lounge, entrance Kilianstr. 2-4 (patio), 33098 Paderborn

participating artists:

Beza – painting, video
Lukman Ibrahim – objekts, installations
Thomas Falkenstein – video
Dietmar Walther – concept art, photography
Hyazinth Pakulla – painting
Tina Dallmann - video

Sound and Komposition by: Sonicboogie
plus CD-Release the cologne experience

and from Berlin: Christoph Kopac – sculpture, painting, drawing

video icq (wmf, 6mb) l installation "the nymph's garden" (wmv, 1,5mb) l composition by sonicboogie (mp3, 10mb)

sponsored by: