'mystic and revolution (part l)' _group exhibition, 21st of Dezember 2006, Winter Suite of Enjoy Paderborn
welcome to the eve of revolution

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On Thursday, December 21, 2006, auvi et diversum Contemporary presented a curated exhibition space at the Winter Suite. The exhibition experimented in the border zone between fine arts, event, and design. Lukman Ibrahim showed part of his dancing dervishes, which will be on exhibition at the Kunstverein Paderborn beginning January 10, 2007. Steffen Geissler from Berlin contributed his installation Hollywood Frost, accompanied by Thomas Falkenstein’s video Luby and Aquavisions by Tina Dallmann. The highlight was a live sound performance Sonicboogies, somewhere between a digital and an analog world of sound.

In addition to the murals by Beza, there was a permanent exhibition in the Winter Suite gallery which included works by, among others, Hyazinth Pakulla and Dietmar Walther.

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